A good Chat Bot will melt your heart into a happy puddle

There are good Chat Bots and there are bad ones. if you still need one or need the one you have fixed let us know. we have created 100’s of bots for our clients.  Ask to see a demo of couple bots we have made.

A good Chat Bot will melt your heart into a happy puddle


Everyone is doing e-mail marketing and we all do it after a while we starting tuning it out.

 You scan your messages and unless it’s something important it’s select a bunch of them and hit the delete key.  After all it’s just another advertisement.  I am sure it’s the exact same way you felt about the video on this page.

That perception does not exist with Facebook Messenger. No one views Facebook messenger as a marketing platform and hopefully it will never become that way because it’s very natural language it’s conversational it’s very personal.

It’s one on one discussions and texting and chatting.

And that’s a big reason why the engagement rates are so high with Facebook chat bots.

It’s very important for you to realize that when you start thinking about how you want to structure your bots it’s no longer a one sided conversation or what it really should be called a speech.

Building A Chat Bot Is like Having a Conversation With Your Customer 

You need to realize that this is a one on one “conversation” so think about how you would talk to your customers in that one on one context. How often do you close a sale if you’re the one that does all the talking?  Do you ask questions? Do you find out what they need?  Do your let them tell what pain point they are trying to solve?   When they tell you do you just ignore it and tell them about what you want to sell?  If you do, how’s that been working out for you?

With email marketing and ads you have to send traffic to a static landing page. It was not possible. You have to work really hard to build email funnels and you build and you send all the traffic to a landing page and then they have to sign up for a form and have to read it for something or they have to check out or something.

You replace all of that that entire experience with through chat. And if done correctly it can flow just as easily and natural as chatting with a friend or can become disjointed and hard to read.

If you want to learn more about building your own chatbot please ask and we can give you’re a couple great resources.  Don’t have the time or desire?  We can build exactly what you need. We have built hundreds and have gotten to know what works and what doesn’t.

We are getting are sharing what we know about building out a chat bot so stay tuned if you can’t wait just hit up one of our bots and enjoy the process.  If there is something about it you don’t like or feels funny please let us know.  We love the feedback.  Because we get better with every interaction we get and so do our bots.