Conservative Targeting

A targeting option for Google Display Network campaigns that makes use of conversion tracking to find additional customers around your current cost per customer (or Cost Per Acquisition). Typically conservative targeting shouldn’t exceed your current cost per customer. See also aggressive targeting.

Contextual Targeting

Allows you to choose keywords that are then matched to the content on pages within the Google Display Network. For example, selecting the display keyword ‘holiday’ will automatically find content relating to that theme on sites within the Google Display Network.

Conversion Category

Allows you to classify conversions which can then be used when reporting on performance or segmenting your data inside Google AdWords. Categories include ‘Lead’, ‘Purchase/Sale’, ‘Sign up’, ‘View of key page’ and ‘Other’.

Conversion Value

The amount a conversion is worth. This value can be defined when configuring the conversion, inside the tracking code (when using Google AdWords conversions tracking) or from the transaction amount (when imported from Google Analytics).

Conversion Window

The amount of time after a user clicks that they have to complete a conversion on the advertiser’s website for the conversion to be attributed to that click. The default conversion window is 30 days.


The amount of money spent for the desired actions. For example, clicks for search campaigns, views for video campaigns and impressions for display campaigns.


An ad customizer that allows you to include the number of days until a predefined date and time. To use a countdown, start typing {=COUNTDOWN into your text ad and an editor will allow you to customize your countdown.


Cost-per-acquisition or CPA is the average amount you are willing to pay for a conversion action. CPA is calculated by dividing the total cost by the number of conversions.


Cost-per-click or CPC is the amount you are willing to spend (or are charged) for each click. If you set a manual CPC bid, then you’ll never pay more than this amount (unless you are using bid adjustments) since Google AdWords uses an auction to display ads and you are only charged the amount necessary for the click.

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