Bid Only

A setting applied to each targeting method in a display campaign. Setting ‘Bid Only’ means that if there are multiple targets applied to the ad group, then any of the targets can be matched in order for the ad to be displayed. For example, if remarketing and a topic are applied as a target, then either of them can be used to display ads. It’s like saying ‘or’ for the targeting methods. See also target and bid.

Bid Strategy

Lets you choose how you want to pay for people engaging with your ads. Bid strategies for search campaigns include target search page location, target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), target ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), target outranking share, maximize clicks, maximize conversions, enhanced CPC and manual CPC. Bid strategies for display campaigns include target CPA, target ROAS, maximize clicks, viewable CPM and manual CPC. Learn more about bid strategies.

Broad Match Modifier

Allows you to specify a word (or words) within a broad match keyword that you would like to target more precisely by ensuring the specified word or close variants are included in the search queries used to display your ads. To use a broad match modifier you need to add a plus (+) before the word (or words).

Bulk Operations

A set of tools that allow you to automate particular actions in your account. Bulk operations include automated rules, scripts, bulk edits and bulk uploads.

Call-only Ad

An ad format that includes the phone number as the headline and is shown to people on mobile devices. When people click on the ad they can call you directly, rather than clicking through to your website.


The top-level structure of your account, think of campaigns as folders within your account. You can create one or more campaigns inside your account based on your advertising objectives. There are multiple ways to structure your campaigns, for example, you can use campaigns for different targeting (search vs. display), for structuring keywords, allocating budget and more. Each campaign contains one or more ad groups to create a more granular structure inside your account. See also ad group.

Change History

A tool that allows you to view changes that have been made by users inside the account.


When a user clicks on an ad they are taken to the ad’s landing page (or final URL) for the ad. This is when the advertiser is charged for a campaign using a CPC bid.

Close Variant

Phrase match and exact match keywords will automatically show ads to people searching with misspellings, singular, plural and other close variations of the keyword we are bidding on.


You can modify the columns of data (metrics) that are shown for your campaigns. There are a wide range of metrics to choose from relating to interactions with your ads, conversions, cost and more.

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