Used to structure your ads, keywords (for search campaigns) and targeting (for GROUP)

Ad Customizers

Ad customizers allow you to upload information that can then be automatically included in the final text ad that is displayed. For example, you can upload the prices of different products and have them automatically inserted into your ads as people are searching. They work in a similar way to Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

Ad Gallery

A tool that lets you create ads for the Google Display Network by selecting a template which you then customize. The Ad Gallery allows you to create dynamic ads, lightbox ads, Gmail ads and more.

Ad Preview And Diagnosis Tool

A tool that lets you preview Google Search results to see ads that are being displayed without accruing impressions. If your ads are not being displayed for a particular search query you will see details about why your ads aren’t being displayed. This tool also allows you to change language, location and device details to preview search results.

Ad Rank

Google’s method for determining each ad’s position on a search engine results page. The advertiser with the highest ad rank will be placed in the top position followed by the ad with the second highest ad rank and so forth. Ad Rank is calculated based on the bid received, Quality Score and ad extensions, for each ad eligible to appear.

Ad Rotation

Since Google will only show one ad at a time from an advertiser, ad rotation determines which ad to display if there is more than one ad contained in an ad group. Google Ad Rotations include:

Ad Schedule

Allows you to control when ads are displayed based on the hour of day and the day of week. Apart from turning ads on and off, you can also use the ad schedule to adjust the final bid amounts at particular times. For example, if you see a higher conversion rate in the afternoons, you could adjust bids up by +10% which would mean a default bid of $1 would become $1.10 at those times of the day.


Google’s network that allows owners of mobile apps to monetize their apps. Space is allocated to display ads from advertisers within apps. AdMob is similar to Google AdSense (which is for monetizing websites).

Adwords Editor

A desktop application from Google that allows you to manage your Google AdWords account. Campaigns can be downloaded and then managed offline before being uploaded back into the live account. AdWords Editor is useful for making changes at scale.

Affiliate Location Extension

Directs people to nearby retail stores that stock particular products. They’re designed for manufacturers of consumer products to direct customers to stores like Walmart, Target and Staples.

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