In a recent Forrester report only 14% of organizations can be described as mature, or as Optimizers. These organizations are differentiated by their enterprise wide focus on SEO, their tendency to link SEO tactics to business outcomes, their higher levels of budget and resources dedicated to SEO, and their dual focus on both technical and content SEO.
Forrester Report. Realize Greater Revenue By Prioritizing SEO October 2019

Is Your SEO Falling Short?

“Despite organizations reporting high confidence overall in SEO capabilities. Most organizations (86%) are just trying to maintain or learn how to do SEO. Most organizations struggle to achieve a mature SEO strategy”.

It’S Not Your FAult

Good SEO’s are hard to find. SEO and Google Ads have been my focus for over 20 years, and in that time I heard some scary SEO stories from clients. My schedule like most of the professional SEO’s I know, is full. We don’t advertise or send out emails, we work off client referrals.

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Small Business Owners (SBOs), as part of their digital marketing strategies, have planned to budget 38% for social media management, 30% for Search Engine and Optimization (SEO) and digital ads, and 24% for website analytics. Even if you find someone that knows what they are doing there is a good chance they have no time available.


  • Earn editorial links
  • Increase your rankings
  • Increase your website’s visibility and reach
  • Generate more product awareness
  • Help to generate more traffic
  • Increase your leads and customers
  • Drive sales
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100% of all money raised on this site along with a few others. Go to the Jonathan Godlewski Lukemia Fund. Any remaining funds are donated to Sait Judes Childrens Hosipital. Jon has had a rough time in 2019 and we are hoping his 2020 is better. As you can imagine it has taken a toll on the whole family emotionally and financially.